Location: Vixen Point

The day was started right with french toast and a dive following. We went back to where our night dive was and saw things from a different light. We moved just around the corner to go on shore for a delicious lunch. It started sunny and breezy but halfway through it was a mad dash to cover as the rain started coming down. The rain ended of course, and we were back on the boat for a short trip over to the mangroves for a snorkel where we saw many juvenile species of fish. Next, it was up on shore for a fun game where the shipmates were sea turtles, and the staff were animals trying to keep them from making it to the water. My athletic ability failed me, it was much harder than it looked! Afterward, it was back to the boat for a shower. Everyone got ready for the dance with DJ Heavy Beats and hamburger and hot dogs for dinner. We danced the night away together. Halfway through, our much anticipated new shipmate arrived! We may have overdone our funny well-rehearsed introductions but he’ll understand us more as time goes on. Everyone came back to the boat hyped up still, but soon as their heads hit the pillow, it was lights out on another successful day.