Location: Somewhere off the coast of Corsica

Today we had a sad, early wake-up at 5:30 am to bid farewell to Will. After saying goodbye, most of the group went on an early morning hike to a lighthouse. The lighthouse was an old abandoned red lighthouse that sits at the entrance to the port of Bonifacio. Three wrong turns and nearly three hours later, we made it back to Argo. Once we were all back, we prepared the boat for our departure from Bonifacio to head to Calvi. The boats in Bonifacio are all docked right next to each other (with only the width of our fenders separating us from the ships on either side of Argo) with Mediterranean moorings (meaning all the ships are stern to the dock). Because of how close together the ships were, un-docking and leaving were not easy events. However, at roughly 9:30 am, we had smoothly made it out of the port and split into our watch team rotations for the sail up to Calvi. After a lunch of baked potatoes and beans, most of the students sat down and took their IYT Crew written exam. Following the test, we continued on to Calvi in our watch groups. For dinner, we had a delicious chicken wrap made by our chefs. Once clean up for dinner was complete, we continued in our watch groups into the night, until our expected arrival at Calvi at 12:00 am tomorrow.