Location: Bora Bora

Author: Rebecca
Today was one that many of us had highly anticipated, and it did not disappoint! We woke up quite early to head into town for French Independence Day. The events began with a parade in which it seemed the entire town took part in. Hundreds of people marched down the streets of Bora Bora and filed in a stadium where we sat and watched a variety of groups lined up from the local break dancing group to the staff of the grocery store. After the parade, there were dancing competitions and to our amusement a fruit carrying contest in which one contestant tripped over the finish line. For the rest of the afternoon, we explored shops, bought souvenirs for ourselves and family and indulged in some delicious yet expensive French food. When we returned to the boat quite full, we enjoyed some downtime in the water and pursued the ever pressing quest to bronze glory. After achieving a minimum if two levels on the bronze meter, we settled down, cooked a delicious dinner of grilled chicken. After dinner, we were treated to juice and Oreos to put an end to our fabulous seventh day in French Polynesia. As we go to bed sleepy-eyed and bronzed, we look forward to another exciting day filled with diving and fun tomorrow.