Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Happy fourth of July! We had a great day! Our day started with the Vegas diving the Rhone and Questers snorkeling. Although the Questers didn’t get to see all the cool sea life that the Vegas did, it was still pretty awesome! But what made our day was Jack talking to a British naval ship over the radio. After our Rhone adventure, it was time for the sailing test! Bum bum bummm! But I’m pretty sure we all passed because we are the best and we have Jack and Bobby teaching us! After the test and lunch, we got to explore Salt Island! Even though it smelled, it was still one of the prettiest views I have seen this whole trip! It was so cool seeing the waves crash into the jagged rocks! Oh! And we also saw several goats which were super cute! After our walk on Salt Island, we sailed back to Peter Island and started making breakfast for dinner! After dinner, we will probably hang out with the other boats, which is always a blast! Today was incredible, the only thing missing… fireworks! Happy 4th of July! P.S. We got to celebrate Melissa’s birthday with cake, dance parties, and Pitch Perfect! Tonight is going to be fantastic!