Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We began this wonderful day by waking up to the cool, easy sounds of John Mayer. As we stumbled tiredly into the cockpit, we were surprised to find the delicious smell of scrambled eggs and muffins. Once breakfast was over, we slathered ourselves in sunscreen and began our activities for the day. The first activity was being the skipper of the boat, aiming the vessel to hook and tie up a mooring ball. Once everyone had rotated and practiced every role on the boat, it was time to go to the next activity. This happened to be my favorite activity, diving! My dive group and I geared up and prepared for a confined water dive. We then practiced underwater skills for several hours, and it was great fun. By the time diving was over, it was time for a delicious soup lunch. After stuffing ourselves with the delectable soup and saltines, we began another activity, Pico boat sailing! Pico boats are mini sailboats built for two. We took turns going out on the sea and had a wonderful time. We then hung out on the boat, listened to music, and took showers. Dinner tonight was fantastic! We ate chicken caesar salad along with a side of risotto and corn. It was wonderful! We are now about to hang out for a while, have a Lifeworks forum, and go to sleep.