Location: English Harbour, Antigua

It is incredibly hard to believe that the Minerva trip is already halfway over. Time is truly flying by! Today was pretty chill. The boat awoke around 7:00 to Corinna banging a pan, threatening us to wake up, or else! For breakfast, we ate delicious cereals, such as Lucky Charms. Soon enough we began our hike up Fort Berkeley. This adventure was not as intense as our last hike to “The Source” on Nevis island. After our hike, we walked down a short road and eventually ended up at a beach. Artem, Luca, and Mike decided to go for a quick swim. After that, Andy gave us free time to hang out around town. Most of us bought some snacks or chilled on the boat. For lunch, Andy made us amazing Tuscan white bean soup. Shortly after lunch, we put on our sunscreen and swimsuits. Sam used the dinghy to take us to the beach. We all had a blast snorkeling around a sunken boat, tanning, passing the ball to each other, and having great bonding time. Now Andy is preparing chicken Caesar salad for dinner! Should be delicious! Can’t wait to be skipper again so I can fill all of you in on the experiences of Los Escapados.

Yours truly, Rachel