Location: Marina Cay

Reaching the halfway point in our trip, we’ve gotten to see and experience some amazing things. Everybody has been doing a great job pitching in and helping and having a great time. One of my favorite moments on the trip so far is when the entire boat challenged another boat to a dance off and danced to Apachie until the other boat threw up a white flag. The Dolphins have been doing an awesome job planning their projects, practicing their research diving skills and they even got to dissect a starfish. The Neptunes have been completing their deep, wreck, night, boat, navigation, and naturalist dives. I’ve enjoyed diving with Marco, Luis, Maddie, and Quinlin. They’ve been doing a great job, and on our dive, at the Chikuzin we got to see two stingrays and a Caribbean reef shark. On that same dive, some of the Dolphins spotted a spotted eagle ray. Everybody is getting used to and learning all the jobs on the boat like long-lining dinghies, driving the boat, cleaning, cooking, checking tanks, and hoisting sails.

Alexander C drove the boat for the first time and did a great job. Alex A is always the first to volunteer when there is a job to be done. In addition to doing boat chores and diving, we’ve got to ski/wakeboard/kneeboard and go ashore. Its been fun seeing how all of the shipmates have been working together helping each other overcome difficulties and fears. Marco has been giving everybody pointers on how to get up on the wakeboard. When it comes to diving, all the buddy pairs have been helping each other so that they are more comfortable underwater and having fun. Its been cool to see Erin and Jessica brave their fear of night diving and jellies to work towards their certifications. When we’ve gone ashore, we’ve got the opportunity to see some amazing places like the Baths, Anegada, and Salt Island. We even got to meet up with sail side and have a beach barbeque. Will is always polite and grateful on board. Everybody has been doing so wonderful and has such great attitudes. I know myself, and the rest of the staff are truly looking forward to the rest of the trip.