Location: Mallorca, Spain

Watch Team 2 started our 8 am watch with the sight of Mallorca off in the distance. We were all extremely excited because most of us hadn’t even heard of the island until this trip. Just after lunch, we turned into this huge bay where the marina was located. There were more sailboats than we could possibly count and apparently they were prepping for a race. After a quick BA (boat appreciation) and an amazing docking job by Jim, all the shipmates got shore time. Sally and I went to help Bubbles with food provisioning for the next passage. Before we left the boat, we were assured that some locals spoke English. I didn’t meet a single person who spoke English, which was awesome because the three of us have only taken either Latin or French. We spent the remainder of the day running through the grocery store and attempting to carry our shopping bags to the taxi stand. We were judged hard by the locals, but we had so much fun! After the squeeze back on deck, we were allowed to have dinner ashore. For the first time this whole trip, we had a girls night. We got all dressed up, ate a fancy dinner, and finished off the evening by almost missing curfew and frantically running back to Argo. It was an awesome night!