Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Hey what’s up you guys, welcome back to our channel. Today we had a relaxing day filled with diving, relaxing times on the boat, and going to the beach with the rest of our dive-side family. After waking up with our usual morning playlist blaring over our speakers, we indulged in lemon poppyseed muffins that Peter and Ava L., our chefs for today, baked. Shortly after breakfast, we geared up and prepared for our self-guided buddy pair dives. Luckily all of the buddy pairs arrived back to Orka Tew safely and without too much confusion. The post-dive fatigue set in and a few of us fell asleep, while the other half of us danced to our early 2000’s throwback jams. When we finally arrived at our anchorage site for the night, we got to play in the neon blue waters.

Zack continuously threw Katie, Riley, and me into the water. While we tried to get him in as revenge, we were unsuccessful. (Update: I was just informed that Riley was able to throw Zack into the water.) Reagan, Madison, and I splashed around, reenacting our favorite childhood show- H2O, Just Add Water. Later, our friends from Pure Joy and Seas the Day came over, and we listened to a lecture about our equipment specialist certifications. The lecture was followed by a fun trip to the beach where we played a game replicating a baby sea turtle’s journey from their nest to the water. With the beach barbecue approaching, the O-Tew squad jumped off of the stern of the boat, sending soapy shampoo suds everywhere. These boat showers are usually a highlight of our days here because they are so different than the showers we are used to at home. Additionally, getting to dress up here is fun because usually, we are all shiny with sweat and sunscreen, so it is nice to be able to clean up. Now, as I sit here writing this #blog update, Katie is braiding the girls’ hair, and everyone is emerging from their rooms dressed in nice clothes. Seeing how we are usually sweaty, sticky, and salty, we look almost unrecognizable. We had such a good day today on Orka Tew, and we are excited for what is to come tomorrow! We are headed to the BBQ, so I am signing off. Bye!!