Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Precursor of the phenomenal 9th day of our voyage was the immense Beach Barbecue the night before. At said barbecue, all of the crew were able to socialize and connect with all of the other boats in our sail side. We all had a blast chowing down on burgers, pasta, and hotdogs. Later on in the night, we partied to the funky music, then decided to head to bed early for our morning wake-up. In the A.M., we headed out at 5:30 to our next destination for the immense rotation day ahead. With the morning music playlist blasting, we chomped down on our breakfast burritos. Immediately afterward, we dove into the water to complete the last sections of our confined water scuba diving. While practicing scuba skills, we also met a small stingray with a little fish hanging out on top (reminded me of Nemo). Afterward, we quickly went through our next couple of rotation activities: RDP tables, water sports, zest (tiny plastic sailboat), and socializing in the boat. After the rotation day, activities began slowing down. The crew got to do some saltwater rinse and munched on the Mexican food. To wrap up the day, the DM’s (divemasters) are leading a night dive for the advanced divers while the open water divers relax and inhale Liam’s birthday brownies.