Location: Great Barrier Reef

Diving the Great Barrier Reef

by Emma C.

We had an early start today to ride the bus to the Sea Quest boat. We started by signing in, then heard all about the rules and anything that would be happening for the day. After a couple of hours of traveling and briefing, we started our first dive on the Great Barrier Reef. That was the first of many, but through all of them, we remembered our reef teach and were searching and identifying what we could. Some of us saw a shark hidden in the sand! There were many people on the Sea Quest boat, so it was a little chaotic, especially at lunch. Lunch was a “tropical buffet.” There were fruit and make-your-own sandwiches with lots of yummy options. After lunch, we did another dive in a different location that was even more amazing than the last. Soon after, some of the people on the Sea Quest boat transferred to the liveaboard Ocean Quest boat, including us. We munched on yummy brownies while we heard all about what our next few days on the boat would be like. Before dinner, we did our third dive of the day. The great barrier reef is so amazing! No matter how many dives we do, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of looking even if it’s at the same place every time. For dinner, we had salad and noodles with beef. It was nice not to have to cook or clean up. Everyone went out onto the balcony and watched the sharks and fish swarm around the lighted end of the boat, then prepared to dive with them. For some of us, it was our first night dive ever. We saw lots of sharks and some people used their flashlights to show where the fish were so the bigger fish and sharks could eat them. We were in the same place as earlier, but it looked so different at night than during the day. We finished the day with chocolate ice cream and crumb cake for dessert. Awesome first day of diving, and we are all so excited for a couple of days ahead.


Diving Eating and Sleeping 


We awoke early this morning for a dive before breakfast. Others took this as an opportunity to sleep in. Once we were all up and ready, we ate breakfast and then started preparing for our second dive of the day. Briefing for this dive commenced, and we got our gear ready to go. This time we dove all around a giant wall of coral that stretched out across the ocean floor. The reef looked amazing at this dive spot, and there were so many different fish and coral to look at. We got back to the boat and took an hour break until the next dive. This next dive happened to be my favorite of the day. It had to be my favorite in particular because of the marine life that we saw while we were down there. The first was a stingray laying in the sand and slowly gliding around on the floor. The next was a reef shark that was a bit farther away. Then, later on in the dive, we saw a sea turtle laying beneath a rock. After more swimming around our group surfaced back onto the boat for lunch. After lunch, we were back at it again into the water at a different spot along the huge coral wall. This time the dive was more a fun free time around in the water. At one point, a reef shark was spotted swimming around us. After this dive was done, we took a couple of hour break until dinner. Later on in the evening, everybody went for their last night dive of the trip. Thus concluding the day of diving.