Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

My blog starts off with last night and the crazy events throughout it. First off yesterday Sophie bought a decorative coconut with a carved happy smiley face and two holes from coconut act as eyes. She named it Randy and Elliot instantly hated him. Everyone, but specially Thomas, Sophie, Nathaniel, and Shelby wanted Elliot to bond with Randy, but he wouldn’t allow it and said he would throw Randy overboard. Around 8pm Randy went missing and he was up the flag and we got him down and hung Randy through a hatch above Elliot’s sleeping head to get revenge. Happily Randy spins in the staff cabin with his custom flotation device and him and Elliot will be sleeping near each other til the end of the voyage (hopefully!) Today was a rotation day and we ate cereal to start the morning and went to scuba then we went to wakeboarding/waterskiing. After we ate a delicious chicken sandwich for lunch. Soon we went to learn how to make Turk’s Heads and on the last rotation we went to sail the Picos. We currently finished dinner, and by the request of Elliot we are having a Kesha night and we are having an awesome time full of laughter, crazy dancing, singing, and cleaning going on all at the same time. I’m really looking forward to the meteorite shower tonight.