Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today marked the second amazing day of the Vega trip. After waking from a gorgeous night on the deck o the ship, we prepared the boat for our first day on the sea. At 11 the water was stunning, with rays of light illuminating off of crystal clear water. Our vessel cut through the water as we made our way to snorkeling. After much sailing and a lot of teamwork, we finally arrived. Everyone excitedly jumped in the water in hopes of seeing some cool fish. The snorkel was better than expected, with many parrot fish, coral, and great caves where Blackbeard hid his treasure. We all then played in the water, jumping off the boat and splashing each other. Only a shower later we were back on the water, stopping at a cove that is only seen in fairy tales. We are now diving into scuba. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s new adventures.