Location: White Bay, Peter Island

We started our second day with a 6:30 am wake up and had some cereal. Then the late arrivals jumped into the water to complete the swim test. After the swim test, we got all our dive gear together, then met on the dock for a “dock talk.” Mike explained all the do’s and don’ts and stressed that we stay hydrated and wear sunscreen! Then we put on our PFD’s and were on our way to Peter Island. Me being the skipper of the day had the pleasure of being on the helm with our everyday skipper, Sam. He did a great job showing me how to drive the cat. Marina then was nice enough to teach us how to tie a few knots. The clove hitch, bowline, and kleet knot. She did a great job teaching us. When we arrived at Peter Island, we prepared our dive gear and hopped into the water for some review drills. Even though we were only in the water for a short time, it was good to be back in the warm, clear water!

I am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings!