Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was another rotation day. For the Vegas, it was one of the best so far, as we had our very first open water dive. The underwater landscape was a surreal, wondrous wonderland of swaying coral and darting fish. The dive lasted about 29 minutes, and we reached a maximum depth of 30 feet. After this breathtaking experience we had a navigation chat, waterskied and wakeboarded, and finally learned how to react in a man overboard situation. The divemasters had an intense day of diving, as they helped to lead Vega and Carina dives. They saw an octopus, which was a spectacular sight. A delicious summertime Thanksgiving dinner was the perfect ending to this busy day. Despite having to cover up the cockpit and run for cover halfway through the meal due to a typical, unpredictable cloudburst, the thanksgiving was one of the best and most enjoyable meals this far. Happy, satisfied, and utterly exhausted- this is the general atmosphere hovering over Bella Christine tonight.