Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We started the busy day with an early morning, filled with lots of cereal and sailing to the Baths. Once we arrived at the Baths, a place of remarkable history and beauty, we climbed around rocks and jumped off of rocks until it was time to sail to Spanish Town. At Spanish Town, we ate a huge lunch, followed by ice-cream and returned to the docks. However, our day was far from over, considering we still had to fulfill our first-night dive. Before doing so, we had to sail to the dive site, review night diving strategies and snorkel the area to check it out (the snorkel was super fun and we saw lots of fishes)! Following the snorkel, we prepared our dinner and our scuba gear while also getting a surprise visit from a few goats! Then we ate dinner and now we are awaiting our night dive to end another fantastic day in the BVIs.