Location: West End, Tortola

We woke up early for our last full day on Saleya. Today was our final race day, so we had to all be alert and pitch in when prepping to get underway. We got going after Claire, and I attended the skipper’s meeting and motored to the starting line at Pelican Point. Ben Chip told us that we all passed our advanced AQ sailing exams and got VHF certified! With our starting position at 7th and with 15 knots of wind, we had our work cut out for us. The race was very exhilarating and fast-paced, just as a sailing race should be! There was extreme heeling which made everything even more exciting. It was a difficult race, and we finished second to last, but like always, we had a great time. After finishing the race in Great Harbor, we motored back to West End on Tortola. While underway, we cleaned the galley, salon, heads, and cabins. This can be quite hectic, but we worked together as a crew and got things spic and span before pulling into Soper’s Hole. It’s lovely to be back in the marina so we can see our friends from other boats and get some amazing lunch at Omar’s. Tonight, we’ll have our last barbecue in West End and take down the flags from our boats. We’ve gotten so close as a crew and worked through every challenge we’ve faced together. Last night we had cards night, where we write notes to all of our shipmates and staff. These AQ moments always bring me joy and tears because they remind me of what a wonderful place we have here, and how blessed I am to learn here and to have these experiences. My second session at AQ has been even more thrilling than my first. We all got to make new family and incredible memories while diving coral reefs and shipwrecks, sailing the Drake, or just playing crazy 8s in the salon and making pasta and cheddar biscuits in the galley. We’ve gotten new certifications and grown together; I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you to our staff and to the people who enabled us to have this experience. Thank you, Saleya. Over.