Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we had bagels and yogurt for breakfast, then settled down to learn navigational skills with Georgie, such as getting a compass bearing and reading latitude and longitude. Next, we inflated our BCDs, threw on our regulators, pulled on our fins, and dove into the magnificent Caribbean waters with the one and only diving instructor, Ethan. After learning many new dive skills, we were famished and were delighted to consume exquisitely scrumptious grilled cheese sandwiches. Our next rotation was skiing. Andrew flexed his kneeboarding skills, and Stefano was on that 180 grind. Meanwhile, we were learning how to a monkey’s fist knot. Next, we started to sail on little boats called Zests. The wind was a little unpredictable, but it was really fun overall. For dinner, we had risotto, Caesar salad, and corn made by our amazing chefs Jackson and Omar. Soon we will be having a dive talk and then a laundry chat. Overall this was a great day, as all days in the Caribbean.