Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

I’m really glad I got to be skipper today because today was definitely my favorite day so far. We got to sleep in until 7:30 today, but some of the girls and I naturally woke up at 6:45. We immediately motored over to Salt Island and rode over to the RMS Rhone wreck. They told us the story of how the boat crashed and how the porthole is still there, and if you rub it twice, you will come back. Ever since our first dive I’ve been dying to see a shark, they’re so sick, and after we dove down and rubbed the porthole we swam through the propeller (which was breathtaking), and right when we came out the other side we saw a shark swimming away from us for a split second. I thought it couldn’t get any better until we swam around the other side and saw two more swimming right beside us, it was so cool, and even without the sharks it was still my favorite dive so far, the water was so clear and blue. The wreck was covered in pretty assortments of corals and beautiful fish. I never wanted to come back up. After diving, we came back to the boat and ate melon, and our fav Anna made us muffins which were so good, then we left the boat to go explore Salt Island. It felt good to walk and stretch my legs. When getting to the top of the hill on the windward side, you had a 360 view of the entire island, and I sat and watched the waves break over the reef for a long time until I made Anna nervous cause I was too close to the edge. We took some fun pix and headed back to the boat, then we had swim time and got chased by a remora fish. Then we showered and headed back to Peter Island for the night, where we had burritos, and I’m currently watching the sunset.