Location: Porto Pollo, Sardinia, Italy

We awoke to an early start and commenced our day at 7 am with a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon; courtesy of Kris and Co. After clean up was finished and I briefed the crew to the best of my ability, we changed into our bathing suits and took the dinghies to the shores of Porto Pollo, Sardinia. Immediately after our arrival, the crew found their place, and the islanders felt our presence. Most of the crew enjoyed a game of tackle football, boys AND girls included with little rules that were no longer in effect once the game started. The rest of the crew played futbol on the beach, demonstrating their skills that put the rest of us to shame. After a few games and minor injuries from tackling, Group 1 was called for dinghy training so they could attain their basic seamanship certification while the rest of us wind-surfed and sailed small boats. It was our hope that we could avoid the yachts, which would mean a large payment from the parents reading this blog. Once the groups switched and everyone took a turn on dinghy training, the crew ate lunch at various island restaurants, napped on bean bags, and succumbed to buying souvenirs from the island vendors. When we finally left the beach and came back to the boat, we enjoyed a dinner of sausage, corn, and potatoes and ended our day with a sail chat. Wish us luck as we take our tests in just two days!

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