Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Waking up today it was a muggy, rainy, windy day. No one expected much out of the day. We went sailing ourselves on two-person Picos and Valentina, and Mariana fully flipped their boat over at least five times, while other boats boarded each other by driving along the sides of each other’s boats. Even though the wind was shifty, we made it an awesome time. Next, we had our final skills dive for our PADI certification. The experiences ranged greatly in this hour and a half, from Daniel performing underwater acrobatics to Zack going through great lengths to put his BCD on. The real fun started after all the activities. We started our drumming circle, where everyone had their solos, and Elizabeth and Valentina held a strong back beat, and Noah kept a great bass. We also had a good half an hour long karaoke/group singing session, which sounded more like a bunch of screeching owls with terribly hoarse voices. Now everyone is trying to go to sleep. Not even the weather could keep this crazy boat from having fun.