Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

We woke up this morning for an awesome day. Firstly we set up the table and ate some cereal and it was very good. Next Anna came over with the Picos saying that it was our last day to Pico so we could do something fun like a race, so we decided to do a race. The teams were Honey Badgers vs. Cuddle Bears. On the Honey Badgers we had Preston, Julia, Madison, Matt, and Maddie. On my team, the Cuddle Bears, we had myself, Jaye, Henrique, and Matthew. The Cuddle Bears won with our awesome maneuvering and skill. Next we went scuba diving and we did skills and I saw a pufferfish and a nurse shark I think and a lot of jellies. Next we did watersports where I finally got up on the kneeboard. Finally we ended the rotations by making Turk’s Heads with Elliot and Kristen. It was really fun. Finally we came back to our baby the Prosecutor for our squeeze question and quote of the day!