Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

Hello, and welcome back to the amazing blog that is Action Quest’s Breakaway Crew. Today, as skipper, I engaged in some leadership that resulted in the physical labor of crew members such as Ben, Oliver, Zack, and Maggie. This was due to the fact that after we left Antigua, we got the chance to learn some practical sailing skills, an experience that Action Quest uniquely names “practicals.” Through politely asking my fellow crewmates to assist in our adventure, I felt as if I was developing leadership skills and truly learning to run a wind-powered vessel. Later, we had the pleasure of watching the sunset as a crew during dinner, feeling the boat cut through the mass of the ocean beneath us, and the wind knotting our hair. We shared our favorite quotes with each other, leaving everyone feeling enlightened and powerful, thus beginning our longest passage of the trip, Antigua to St. Barths. While passing the time, Zack proclaimed his necessity for twenty-foot swells, Cameron harnessed his newfound obsession with Monkey’s Fist knots, Maggie thoroughly enjoyed her drink mix powder, Ben and Justin discussed the differences between astronomy and astrophysics, and Lana caught up on some well-needed reading time. After countless, fun-filled shifts, our need for sleep finally caught up with us, and we crashed on various places on the boat, leaving our fun-filled Friday for a Saturday of excitement and adventure in the French West Indies.