Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Currently looking back at today it was a pretty good day. I’ve been chillin’ with my friends on the boat. Going back to the beginning of the day, I woke up to the sound of footsteps. I got up and ate oatmeal with everyone else on the boat. Oatmeal is surprisingly good. Mom, you should get more oatmeal! Next, we got ready for a hike. The views were pretty nice. After we went on a dive, it was probably the highlight of my trip because I got to enjoy it without having problems equalizing. Looking around, it was really cool seeing all the fish living in the sunken ship. There was one part where we got to swim through the ship! I was buddies with my main man Nate who’s watching me write right now. See what I did there write, and right, it’s cool. Let’s see where was I, oh ya, next we ate lunch, and I worked on my backflip that I recently learned. After that, we sailed back to an old location. It was a nice time to relax. When we finally got there, we took a test! That part was not fun, but I think I did a good job. Now we’re back to where I am now. Just finished swimming and doing backflips. Being a Quester ain’t that bad — the end.