Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Breakfast predicted that we would have another amazing day by having oatmeal. After oatmeal, we went wakeboarding and waterskiing on the flat blue water. The water got a little more choppy when everyone started capsizing while zesting. The morning only got more exciting when we dinghied over to another boat and started to get ready to dive. All the groups except mine were changed, allowing the two remaining groups to split up into their friend groups. I saw tons of different fish and a lot of crabs and urchins. After a long morning jam-packed with activities, we came back to the boat to see a pot of Mac and cheese on the table. After lunch, we learned more about the boat while the toilets were being fixed. And guess what, they were actually fixed! Yay! We had a Barbecue and ate burgers and sprite. We climbed on the rocks and basically talked with each other the whole time. Today was a Hibiclens night, so we got clean. Yay!

– Abby Friedman