Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning we woke up to Justin Beiber’s “Boyfriend.” After waking up, we had a breakfast of oatmeal as we set sail for one of the coolest places of the trip; the Baths! Because we’re the best boat, we arrived at the Baths first, so we killed time by having Sam drive donuts in the dinghy. When we got to the beach, we began to explore! We climbed under and over the huge rock formations and saw some amazing sights (and took some fantastic pictures!). After having some fun and meeting new people from other boats, we got back in the dinghy and returned to our boat then set off for Spanish Town. When we arrived, we all had lunch at the port and bought some souvenirs and groceries. After that, we set off for our final destination for the day, Mountain Point. When we arrived, we got out our fins, masks, and snorkels and started rescue training session 2! First, we practiced throwing flotation devices to distressed divers from the boat, and then we practiced in water rescues where we swam to the diver with our flotation devices while making sure to remain a safe distance. Then we took our showers and swam around some more and played with some moon jellies! After showers, we had a dinner of garden burgers, beans, and mash. Now that we’ve all cleaned up we’re about to start watching a PADI video to learn about search and recovery diving! Rescue diving is the best!