Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning we got to wake up later than usual, around 7. Then our chefs of the day started cooking up some delicious eggs and muffins. After that, we cleaned up the boat, dogged the hatches, and got ready to depart. We motored out of the main passage where we put up our sails, starting with the mainsail. Then we got the jib up. After enough work and time, we were cruising along. We made our way down the passage till we reached the island we were going to spend the night at. After we opened all the hatches again and cleaned up the boat, all of us went for a swim and shower. Once we dried off, we learned how to set up our scuba tank. After the chefs started cooking a delicious dinner of Alfredo pasta. Finally, we had our second scuba talk and went to sleep.