Location: Nice... our beginning and ending port.

Today is our last day on our amazing voyage. Today started with a massive boat appreciation operation to thank Argo for all 750 miles of incredible adventure she has given us. With lines coiled, decks scrubbed and cabins meticulously checked and squared away, we rushed to the deck, readying fenders and mooring lines to secure our docking in nice. After our final squeeze question, and a beautiful photo presentation and slideshow by our resident Welsh marine conservationist crew-mate Laurie, we all dressed and showered for a fancy final dinner at a nearby Harbour-Side restaurant. Our fine friend Jim returned in the midst of dinner, giving and receiving beaming smiles from all. Once returning to Argo, we received our test results for our Yacht crewmen and VHF radio certifications, as well as squaring away any other miscellaneous things before rising bright and early tomorrow for our tearful flight home. It certainly has been a wonderful trip, and all of our memories will not be forgotten anytime soon.