Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we woke up and cooked pancakes for breakfast while staff had an early morning meeting (don’t worry, we saved some for them). After we finished cleaning up and staff returned, we headed underway to Mountain Point on Virgin Gorda. When we arrived at Mountain Point, we dived the wreckage of the ship Kodiak Queen. We began heading to Muskmelon; during the trip, we came into contact with two other ActionQuest ships (Yo Dawg and Aqua Marine). Upon coming within close range of the ships, I got the idea of possibly tossing them some fruit; this had been a running joke with our crew for a while now. It originally started as a way for us to get rid of our plethora of apples; it then became a game of catch between Yo Dawg and us. We later arrived at Muskmelon, where we had our final night dive to gain our certification; on the dive, we saw a school of tarpon and a few nurse sharks before staying the rest of the night there.