Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was a shore day. We started our day by making pancakes while the staff was at a meeting. Once the staff got back, we got ready to go on land. We went to Trellis Bay for about 2 hours. There was an art shop, a small store, and several places to eat. Several kids, along with me, had sushi, and the rest had pasta and burgers. We all went to the store to get snacks and drinks. After we got our snacks and ate lunch, a few of us went to the art shop and got shirts and bags. Once we were getting ready to leave, it started raining and lightning, but soon the rain stopped. Once it stopped, we went back to our boats and cleaned a little. One of our staff, Hannah, helped make chili and rice for dinner. That night we had planned to do a night dive, but it got canceled because it starting lighting and raining again. So instead, we played a game called fishbowl, which was super fun and made the night exciting. Even though it rain we made the day our own and had as much fun as possible.