Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The day started at 7:35 am. As I am about to get out of bed to wash my face, I somehow ended on the floor. I thought that waking up on the floor was a sign of a bad day, but it wasn’t. For breakfast, we had some scrambled eggs but had amazing muffins, which I will probably never forget due to how good they were. I went to go change, but before changing, I obviously had to read and answer my navigation lesson. After that, the Neptunes reviewed what we had just learned. As we were finishing up, some of the Dolphins had gone out for water sports and had a blast! We then went for an amazing swim which where we took selfies, jumped in, dove in, and much more. After we had a phenomenal chicken salad lunch. After lunch, all of us went up to the roof and just sat there for a while, tanning and talking. During our dive, the Neptunes learned how to navigate with a compass which was pretty cool. While the Neptunes were waiting for showers, we went up to the roof and had an interesting conversation. Finally, the Dolphins took their gear off and joined us as we all bonded. During the shower, Caitlin and I spent 30 minutes trying to fix Ashtyns crazy curly hair, which was a success, thankfully. Then we had a great Chili made by Tommy and George. I can’t wait for another exciting day like this.