Location: West End, Tortola

It’s hard to believe that it’s the end of the third session. These past 17 days have been fun of laughter, stories, jellyfish, and one can’t forget about the rescue scenarios! The Dolphin staff learned a lot from all the students. Caleb, our only Neptune, completed his final certification two days ago to complete his wreck specialty. The Rescue students completed their final scenario, which was helping a non-responsive diver and a panicked diver. They finished their tests and emergency action plans, and they had a huge sigh of relief, ready to save lives outside of Action Quest. Here are favorite parts of our shipmates these past 17 days. Joaquin’s favorite part of the trip was the wreck of the Rhone and the swim through.

Carlton loved every single part, but the scenarios were by far the best. Maddie enjoyed all of the dive sites (she said it was too hard to pick a favorite). Harry made a lot of new friendships and also getting 50 dives to be closer to Master Scuba Diver (the highest non-professional level of diving). Benji loved everything about this summer; he learned the jellyfish are awesome creatures. Kristina was amazed at the amount of sea life at all the dive sites and the BBQ on Sandy Spit. Lucas was thrilled to receive his rescue certification and meeting everyone on this trip. Caleb loved the large variety of dives and hanging out with new people. Leanne had an awesome time turtle tagging. Anderson loved getting his groove on at the dance party. Chandler loved going to all the towns and seeing a different culture. We are so lucky to have shared so many memories, and we all became a family. All we can hope is that once the summer officially comes to a close, the tans begin to fade, and your scuba gear begins to gather a light layer of dust that our fellow Boss Ladies and Gents look back on this time and remember all the great times we had together. Thanks for a wonderful session that we won’t soon forget!