Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Up bright and early at 6:45 for oatmeal, then off on a 2-hour sail to Pinnacles for a dive. The sail was great, with the addition of squalls that kept passing through. The fresh water was welcomed as a great alternative to feeling salty. At Pinnacles, Dolphins did a research dive as the Neptunes had a fun dive. While diving, we saw an Elkhorn coral, which is uncommon these days, so that was nice to see. Then we ate lunch prepared by Margaret and Jon. After lunch, we headed over to Shark Point, the point on the other side of the bay. We dove again there, research for Dolphins and fun for Neptunes – not that research isn’t fun! Then, we had showers before heading back to Cane Garden Bay for Thai peanut chicken. After cleaning up, the Dolphins are heading to Peeps for a movie night while the Neptunes stay to have their movie night aboard Drums. All in all, day 14 was a success. I can’t believe we only have one week left!