Location: Nice, France

Today at the squeeze, I did something special. I asked what I call “the Five Finger Squeeze.” Each finger represents something different. Your thumb pointed up, is something you like about yourself. Your index finger, pointed ahead, is somewhere you’re going. Your middle finger, for obvious reasons, is something that annoys you. Your ring finger, like wedding rings, is something you are committed to. Finally, your pinky, that weird finger at the end of your hand, is something quirky about you.
Here’s Argo’s five fingers for today:

On my thumb, something I liked about today. Boat Appreciation. Although Boat Appreciation Day has the acronym BAD, it was a ton of fun. Kris, Ian, Emma, and I scrubbed Argo’s whole hull while the others polished, rust-busted, and generally cleaned everything on board. We played music loud and turned what should have been a chore into a blast.

On my index finger, somewhere we are going. Although we did have a short passage under motor from Villefranche to Nice, which would fit the “where we are going” part of the blog, unfortunately, we are headed home tomorrow. This put a little bit of a damper on our spirits but did not prevent us from making the most of our last meals and minutes together.
On my middle finger, something that annoys me. Leaving Argo early tomorrow morning has me quite down. After three intense weeks of life aboard, I’m not sure how to feel about going back to a normal, land-lubbing life.
On my ring finger, something we are committed to. My main commitment to the rest of the Argonauts after leaving is to maintain the friendships I have built here. We all have grown so close to each other that it is hard to imagine a day gone by without talking to everyone. So I’m going to do my best to stay in touch.
My pinky finger, something quirky. Something personal. I adapted this blog post and my squeeze question from the Camp Echo Five Finger Taps Talk. Kyla, I dreamed of a burning triangle last night.