Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up to the sound of Party Rockin by LMFAO playing over the radio on our morning CD. After a cereal, milk, and juice breakfast, our crew cleaned up and moved to our first rotation, which for most of us were watching a video about turtles in our neighboring ship’s salon while the rest of the group went diving. Once the movie ended, we went to another boat and practiced knots and how to dock a boat. After cleaning up our lunch of tuna sandwiches and Pringles, we went for a hike across an island to see the difference in the waters on either side. One was calm and still, and then other was wavy and covered in debris. After our hike, the Vegas geared up for the first experience with scuba diving. Talk about a cool experience to have. After about two hours of practicing procedures and getting to know the gear, we returned to our beloved Astrid to enjoy a dinner of rice and chili. Tonight we are going to Lifeworks and then getting to shower before we go to bed.