Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We had a breakfast of oatmeal and got ready to go ashore to start scuba dive training. We all wore rashguards and were driven ashore where, by 8 am, we had started to kit up for scuba diving. We split into four groups of 3 with a member of staff and went through scuba modules 1 and 2, and my group even got through some of module 3. Then by 10 am, we walked down the beach where four windsurfs awaited us. While 4 of us were on the water, the rest of us made sandcastles and a face on the beach. Windsurfing was hard, and just standing up was an achievement. Next, we broke off for lunch and had chicken salad sandwiches and PBandJs. Then the next activity on our action-packed day was waterskiing/wakeboarding where four went in a powerboat. Some were better than those; for instance, I only managed to get up for about 3 seconds before falling back into a group of moon jellyfish. Along with this, we saw 2, we think, baby sharks just off the beach. After the watersports we chilled on the boat and chatted until Elise, from another boat, came and started to teach us the figure of eight and bowline knots when Allie took over, helping us master the difficult bowline and a clove hitch. We got so confident at the knots that we held races to see who could tie them the fastest. Then we showered and prepared the boat for Mike’s arrival, the ActionQuest director. Supper was beef stroganoff with a garden salad and garlic bread. Bohemian Rhapsody starred as favorite song later followed by YMCA.