Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was splendid. This morning we dined on flighting cereal. Then we ventured into the great blue yonder to improve our water breathing scuba skills. Some people were more aerodynamic than others, yet we all succeeded with flying colors. After that many windsurfing attempts with Blas’s teaching, we saw some lovely floating moon jellies. Then we dined on flying sandwiches and enjoyed shouting “gopher” at Vasia, who is contemplating getting a gopher for his home. Then we took a delectable waterskiing lesson, and then once back on the boat, we had a tussle with an extremely hardy coconut, which mocked us greatly. Then we went out for dinghy driving, in which most people could drive quite competently. Ellie and Jordan made a delicious meal of garden burgers and fluffy mashed potatoes. We had a quite enjoyable time diving on the boat, and are singing gopher song and drying and washing. Overall we are extremely enjoying ourselves. Good day!