Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up at 6:30 in order to have the breakfast done on time, we had pancakes. After that all of the shipmates except Robin, Sam, and I went scuba diving. We spent the morning relaxing and reading while Robin was doing community service. When the others arrived we went with Picos, however it wasn’t a delightful experience because we capsized 2-3 times. Then we had a pretty delicious lunch- grilled cheese. At one, Sam and I went to practice our mask skills with Roxy in confined water, although I had difficulties to do them, at the end I was able to take and put my mask perfectly. When we finished that I went to do the open water dive that the others had done this morning, unfortunately I did not see eagle rays (which the others did). Instead I got to see amazing tropical fish and plants. At six we had our summertime Thanksgiving dinner, which is the only Thanksgiving I’ve ever had. Therefore I’ve got to say that it was “wicked good.” The weather was sunny almost all the day taking into consideration that here it always rains for five minutes only.