Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

It was an early morning motor/sail that began with a 5:30 am wake up. We left the anchorage in Leverick and arrived back at Mountain Point around 7 am. We had another rotation day with our first activity of sailing Zests. It was really fun to hop in small dinghy boats with many capsizes. After, we headed out for a snorkel, where we saw tons of jellyfish, a stingray, and other fish. Our lunch of grilled cheese led us into a relaxing afternoon to study, wakeboard, play cards, and nap. We reviewed sailing terms and systems and then had a yummy “Mexican Night” dinner. The most exciting part of the day was our night dive! We were supposed to dive earlier in the day, but the schedule ended up changing. Also, to our surprise, the dive masters were going to be our leaders for the dive instead of our dive instructors. In the darkness of 8 pm, we headed to Breakaway to pick up dive gear and go to our dive spot. Once beginning our dive, it felt like being in a completely different world, swimming in total darkness with just one light. Afterward, we de-kitted all of our gear and got back to our boat. We took warm freshwater rinses and were met with delicious brownies. We got our laundry ready for laundry day tomorrow, and all hit the pillow hard. We are ready for a fun activity day tomorrow!

–Elizabeth McCree