Location: Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

I woke up and was given my job as skipper. I walked around the boat to wake up all of my shipmates so we could dig into Kevin’s french toast. We realized we were a little behind schedule, so me and all the other advanced dives quickly changed, grabbed sunscreen, water, and dive gear. We sped over to Blue Tide and assembled our gear along with shipmates from Blue Tide… just a little crammed. We piled into a dinghy with our gear and were told about the “fun dive” we were about to go on. I excitedly put on my gear and checked my dive buddy for the day, then we immediately rolled off the dinghy and descended. I looked around and saw coral and wildlife in practically every direction. We swam along the rocks, coral, fish, lobsters, urchins, and other divers, enjoying every second. After safely stopping, ascending, and piling back onto our dinghy, we were back on our home away from home Imane. While the open water divers were still Zesting and skiing, my group read about night dives and assisted Hannah and Kevin in the galley to prepare lunch. Soon the whole Imane crew was back in the same cockpit, being briefed on our afternoon plans. The open water divers stayed on Imane to learn about RDP tables, and the advanced divers got their turn at Zesting and skiing. Zeke and I didn’t make it off the Zests without a couple capsizes and harmless bonks on the head, but it was something I’d never done, and it was cool. When all of Imane was reunited on our monohull, we got to take below deck showers, which felt amazing. We docked and went to shore where we bought assortments of snacks and souvenirs. As I left the small supermarket, I saw a line of ActionQuest crews shoving partially melted ice cream pints before re-boarding. I got back to the boat where the chefs were starting dinner, which was very tasty, and the sunset view of the stern will never get old. After dinner, we’re having a dive chat, and after our eventful day, setting up our beds for a good nights sleep.