Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

After one day of setting and meeting our shipmates, we were off. We woke up to a wide variety of cereal options (which I personally loved), and then left West End for the next 15 days and started our adventure. We first went to Peter Island to get swim tested to make sure we all know what to do in the water. We then had a quick lunch of PB+J, which is a personal favorite of mine. We then set sail and motored the long journey to Savannah Bay. As skipper, I had the personal responsibility of getting us there, which was a long journey. So long that I rotated my position to a shipmate who was very interested in the steering wheel. Once we were there, we washed up, ate Sloppy Joe’s, and learned how to set up our scuba gear from our instructor Hannah. This was a great start to a fun-packed journey on the water!