Location: Great Harbor, Jost van Dyke

Our day on board the Kokamo was full of events. Starting at the early time of 7:00, our crew would learn the workings of our boat, including how to tie knots necessary to dock, how to keep it clean, and how to anchor. After breakfast, we got the boat watered then our skipper, Margaux, taught us how to leave a dock and started teaching us about sailing. Many students also got to helm the ship, such as me, Tristan, Miranda, Ava, and Vale. We also had fun sitting at the bow of the boat and getting splashed by waves. There was one wave that got Chloe and me soaked. We also started to gain the necessary skills needed to scuba dive by completing our swim test! There was also a treading competition between one of our staff members, Emma, and Jack and James. It lasted for over 20 minutes, and Jack and James won. We also meet Bryce (aka Griffin), a famous influencer. We finished our day with sloppy joe’s cooked by our chiefs Chili and Milla. During dinner, we all told some great stories and riddles. Bailey told a riddle that a lot of us still can’t figure it out. There is also the possibility of deserts tonight. We are about to have our first dive chat taught by our staff member/dive Instructor Jake! Overall, this has been a great start to our journey.