Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was our first spectacular day in the stunning British Virgin Islands. The breathtaking views of the Caribbean seas were an absolute pleasure to wake up to. The beaming Caribbean sun was a beautiful wake-up call. Our early morning started with a breakfast feast filled with cantaloupe, bananas, and delicious cereal. After an informative dock talk with the captivating Action Quest director Mike Meighan, we set sail for the astonishing Norman island caves. During the beautiful sail in perfect conditions, we reviewed sailing tactics and techniques that will come in handy for the life-changing weeks to follow. At the vivid, diatom-ridden Norman island caves, we explored the caves where the infamous pirate Blackbeard buried his heaps of treasure and gold. Soon after we motored over to the crystal clear waters of the Norman island bite surrounded by mountainous views and a great crew. We wrapped up the day with the superb dinner of Sloppy Joe’s and an invigorating supper-time conversation. All in all, it was a great first day in paradise.

Haiku poem about AQ:

I love ActionQuest
Filled with loads of memories
Friends for a lifetime