Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started off the day with cereal for breakfast. Everyone was a little exhausted from the night before but still excited and ready to begin their day. Before leaving for our next destination, we spent a few hours getting all of our scuba gear ready, and the girls collectively went up to the top of the boat to sunbathe. Then we departed for Grand Peter Bay. Lunch consisted of sandwiches, and then once everyone was done, we played multiple games of BS. A bit of cheating was involved, but it was all fun and games. After Ryan decided to go out onto the trampoline while we spent a couple of hours sailing to the bay. Everyone ended up joining him, and we had so much fun bouncing up and down and getting splashed by the water. Dylan fell asleep multiple times and was only awakened when a large splash of water hit him in the face. While everyone else made the smart decision to change into their bathing suits, I, Julia, stayed in my normal clothes and got completely soaked. Once we arrived at Great Harbor Peter, we all jumped in the water for the swimming test and then scuba-dived for the first time this trip. Once everyone had gotten back from their dive, we took our saltwater shower, a new experience for all of the newcomers to Action Quest. Everyone dried off and got to relax a bit before dinner. Ellie serenaded a nearby boat with her beautiful Britney Spears impression with Alexis, Julia, and Natalie cheering her on. Matt was also there listening in, and he really enjoyed her singing. Then Sloppy Joe’s were served for dinner thanks to chef Dylan, Fernando, and Preston. While eating, we went around sharing different things about ourselves and learned about Matt’s silver medal in the junior Olympics (still not sure whether it is actually true). We also learned that Ben has a TikTok with 3.7 million views, Brabee kissed an alligator in kindergarten, and Preston won a state championship with his baseball team. Matt and Harley had a fun rivalry going on that everyone enjoyed. At that point, everyone was done eating, so we cleaned up and then had a bit of time to hang out and relax before going to bed.