Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today started with a certification dive where we practiced identifying fish. We saw a plethora of fish, including trumpet fish and more. Then we sailed to Leverick Bay and were able to go on our phones and withdraw our money to go to shore with. There at the shore, the fellas and I got a delicious lunch consisting of various pastas and seafood. Then after we finished eating, we went to the shop and all individually bought snacks to bring aboard for the journeys ahead. Once arriving on deck, we all chilled out for a bit and moved to a different mooring ball in the bay surrounding the area. Then about 12 other kids came aboard our boat as well as their instructors, and we all went over boat diving and boat safety. There we went over what to expect from dive charters, what should be gone over upon arriving on a dive vessel, and more such as where the emergency medical devices are kept and who to contact in case of an emergency. Then upon them leaving our boat, we all got ready for the barbecue onshore, where all dive side students met up. We then all got tickets and were able to go choose from watermelon, pasta salad, nicely charred burgers, and hotdogs with grilled onions that were delicious. Then after eating, everyone hung out and socialized with the other boats for about 2 hours before finally leaving land and going on the dingy back to our boat, where everyone chilled outside telling stories and the night’s fortunes before going to sleep around 2:30 AM.