Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was the first real day on the trip. We set sail for the first time as a whole crew and learned a lot together. The day started with us waking up without having too much sleep due to the high winds, and the occasional drizzle. We enjoyed breakfast, had a whole group meeting with the AQ director, and got back onboard to prepare for the day’s voyage. After about an hour we had maneuvered out of port and were in open water heading towards The Caves, our snorkel site. After a lot of explanations on how to work the sheets and lines, we raised the sails and were underway. As the skipper, I skippered for a good amount of time and then the duty of skippering was passed onto a bunch of other crew members. Since the winds were blowing pretty high around 20 knots, we sailed with the mainsail reefed. I believe that at our best point of sail Imane was doing 6-7 knots. Towards the end of the trip, we tacked twice because we had drifted too close to shallow water. Once we arrived at our first mooring we all completed a swim and tread test so the staff was confident in our abilities. After that, we all had lunch which consisted of turkey and ham sandwiches and PB+J and then departed to our first snorkeling spot aboard Sumo (our large dinghy). We didn’t see as much as expected at the Caves, but it was still quite impressive. There was a lot of fish diversity but a lack of coral. The consensus was that the coolest thing we saw was a pretty good sized stingray. After we returned from the caves we had shower time, then were underway again to The Bight where we moored for the night. We cooked sloppy joes for dinner as well as mashed potatoes with corn. After dinner and the evening tradition of the squeeze, we all participated in our evening dive classes and are going to bed.