Location: West End, Tortola

I was so excited to meet everyone today, but also really nervous. Most of the people arrived at 7 pm, so I had some time with Greg and Jake. Today was a very busy day. Everyone was getting ready for the shipmates. I was kind of happy. I arrived early mainly because I had more time to settle in. The whole day was getting ready, but I had some fun meeting everyone. It took me a while to remember all their names, but I think I got them all now. Around 10 pm everyone had arrived, and we had already eaten supper. We had garlic bread and tortellini. It was cool. We all slept outside on top of the boat, but then a few went inside. I tried to sleep in the hammock, but for some reason, I couldn’t. So I went back inside and fell asleep. At around 2 am it started to rain outside, so everyone went under the big tarp and fell asleep.