Location: West End, Tortola

Today we didn’t do much since everyone was arriving. We all arrived after a long flight and came to Tortola. After arriving, we all got sent to our boats. Our boat is named Wicked Good! Everyone came throughout the day, arriving from all over the world. On our boat alone there are people from Canada, France, Spain, and all over America. After some people arrived, we took a swim test and waited for the others. The weather was warm and humid when we got here, and it felt perfect. Everyone was excited and meeting new people. We walked around the port and ate at a restaurant for lunch. We met all of our staff members who were super nice! When it got dark, we ate dinner (pasta!) and learned the cleanup routines. After all, getting settled on the boat, we got ready for bed. Some people slept on top of the boat! It started pouring in the middle of the night though, and everyone had to get inside quick! It was a relaxing yet exhausting day from travel, but the excitement for what’s to come got everyone through!