Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was definitely a memorable one! We all greatly passed our PADI scuba final test. But it wasn’t just that, there were tons of things before and after the written exam. This morning we went diving. We practiced setting up our scuba gear. Also, we learned new skills like taking off our masks and gear under ten feet of salty water, and then putting them on again without needing to go up to the surface. Then some of us went waterskiing while others tried the kneeboard or the wakeboard. After having a delightful lunch, we took the already mentioned exam. When this was finished we went mooring on Tanis Marie, where we all got a chance to steer the sloop and also got a chance at mooring the boat. Afterwards we had a brilliant risotto for dinner and right now we are watching a movie. This day has definitely been worthwhile.