Location: Underway to Azores

People were woken up to eat a great breakfast, bacon, and eggs. Then we were divided into our “Watch groups.” I am in the second group. During the days we are rotating every four hours and during the nights every three hours with the other two watch groups. My team is starting, and we are having the 4 to 8 watch. We raised the sails, and we got four out of the five sails up; the mainsail, the fisherman, the main staysail, the forward staysail, and the jib. After that, we left Bermuda to finally get into the ocean! We were so excited about it, and we couldn’t wait to sail, but all of a sudden, a couple of minutes after starting the engine and sailing out of Bermuda, the fire alarm rang, and we had to go over the whole drill by doing the corresponding chores according to our watch groups. We did the MOB (man overboard) drill and the abandon ship drill. My team had to pick up things from below, and when doing the MOB drill we even went through the procedure of what to do if someone who is rescued happens to be unconscious, that was fun!

P.S. Ma, we saw dolphins! It’s our first-day sailing, and we already saw dolphins jumping.